First established in 2008, Volcano design is an Iceland based fashion Creation Company making all of its pieces locally close to the shop.


With a target market of strong independent and sexy women of all ages, shapes and sizes, Volcano has seen vast success from the get go and has grown from strength to strength since its inception.

Focusing on designing for and flattering the best aspects of the “everywoman”, Volcano celebrates the female from with its shape-enhancing, form-fitting and fabulously feminine pieces.  With its main push in the direction of garment design and production, as well as flirty fun accessories, Volcano strives to make a woman feel beautiful and confident in their own skin and show off the curves they were given (while very sneakily hiding those all too familiar nasty trouble areas).

With every single piece lovingly made in Volcano’s Reykjavik based sewing rooms selling in Systur & Makar stores, Volcano Design hopes to keep woman feeling fabulous and beautiful and keep those eyes popping for many years to come!

Katla Hreiðarsdóttir is a graduated interior designer from IED Barcelona but has always been interested in fashion design. She has been the designer for Volcano Design from its inception and the name of the brand is in fact based on her name, Katla, same as an active volcano in Iceland.